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      About US

      Start from 2003 and based on innovation as foundation and honesty first, Tech-Power (Huangshan) Ltd .has 27000 square meters modernized plant where lies in chemical industrial estate and 4 well - equipped workshops, advanced R & D center, quality inspection centre. Our main products are 9 series ,more than 50 kinds of powder coating additives including matt hardener ,matting agent , leveling agent,curing accelerators, texture agent , wax modifiers charge enhancing agent , other special functional additives as well as some types of resins .The annual output can reach to 10,000 tons.

      Our company has passed ISO9001: 2015 International quality management system certificate and ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system certificate, and has established a strategic partnership with some top powder coating manufacturer around the world ,Tech-Power has owned the import and export rights since establishment and has joined China International Exhibition and other countries coatings show for many times. Meanwhile we are selling products to many countries all over the world like Southeast Asia, Europe , the United States, Africa and Middle east as well as other overseas countries.

      Also, we have owned 6 EU REACH Certificate, so that we could export our primary products to Europe more easily.

      With rich experience of exporting business and been ranked as main manufacturer of powder coating additives and various epoxys.We are eager to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the majority of powder industry colleagues, and strive to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese powder industry, and jointly create a better future!