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      DH101 Antistatic Agent

      2021-04-21     瀏覽次數:1934    


      DH101 is also called electric Charge Modifier. DH101 is a type of cationic substance with polar groups, on one hand, it could be able to capture more electric charge when it is polarized in?high-voltage electrostatic field, on the other hand, it can reduce the resistance value of the powder particles to a certain extent so as to remove the excess electric charge quickly, it is a product with double effects of increasing electricity and anti-statics. The powder that added DH101 will be able to make the surface more smooth, and reduce the phenomenon of pinhole, big ripple and snow pattern caused by the static defects.


      Technical Parameters


      White or light yellow powder particles

      Water Content (%)

      ≤ 15

      Electricity Conduction Group (%)




      1.?It can effectively improve the charge particles of powders to enhance powder coating transfer-efficiency.

      2.?Minimize the electrostatic phenomenon, and solve the problem of difficulty to spray corner and dead angle.

      3.?Reduce powder electricity resistance, and improve the ability of anti-electrostatic of the?coating.

      4.?Improve pigment/binder ratio while compared with the same powder coating transfer-efficiency, thus the cost will be?reduced.

      5 .DH101 can be used for all kinds of thermosetting powder coating.



      1.?To solve dead ends on the powder, add the amount of?0.05-0.10%.

      2.?Significantly increase the amount of powder added?0.1-0.2%.

      3.?To improve the ratio of pigment to pigment, the ratio of pigment to pigment can reach more than 1:1, while the pigment content can be added to 0.2-0.3%.


      Package & Storage & Handling

      1.?Polyethylene lined, multiply paper bag,?25kg/bag.

      2.?Store in a cool and dry place. Close immediately after use and keep away from?fire.

      3.?Valid for 12 months at room?temperature.