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      TP65 Special Effect Floating Agent(Similar to Troy Tex 508)

      2021-04-20     瀏覽次數:805    


      The special effect floating agent?TP65?is an ester-modified poly-ether oligomer, which has a stronger shrinking effect than the conventional acrylate floating agent, and can be used to change the high-gloss powder into a wrinkle powder, or to transform the waste powder into a wrinkle powder. However, its compatibility is not good for scenting agents, and it is polluting various types of high-gloss powder.


      Powder coatings for a wide range of systems offering a wide range of patterns or wrinkles. For the pattern powder used on the security door and window, the large wrinkle powder used for the coating of the cast iron sewing machine is usually added to the bottom powder by dry mixing under low shear conditions, the amount of addition is 0.3-1.5%, and the bottom powder is generally not flowed. Flat additives.




      white powder

      Specific gravity:


      Poly-ether content:





      Instructions & use

      It is added to high-gloss, matt, semi-gloss finished powder to make medium wrinkles, or to make large wrinkles with strong three-dimensional effect. It is also possible to add a pigment and T as a pattern powder. When the amount is large, the texture is small. After the small test, the best use is obtained.



      1. The three-dimensional pattern agent provided by our company is coarser particles without fine powder. Please use it when smashing to the appropriate size for screening. Otherwise, there is no wrinkle effect.

      2. Please isolate the operation during use to prevent contamination of other powders. Thoroughly clean all utensils after the operation.

      3. Do not allow this product to form smoke or dust during production or use of paint, otherwise it will pollute other varieties. The contaminated flat powder can be removed by re-extruding to eliminate shrinkage.

      4. Wear dust mask and dustproof clothing when using this product. Scissors are required to open and close the packaging container. When moving in front of the production equipment such as the batch premixer, extruder, pulverizer, etc., try to avoid dust inhalation and adhesion to the human?body. Confirm that there is no source of ignition during the manufacturing process.

      5. If the product is placed in an environment with a temperature higher than 225 °C for a long time, it may cause agglomeration. At this time, the product is crushed and sieved. After the test is approved, it can be used as usual.


      Storage, packaging and transportation

      1. Packaging: 25 kg paper bag with polyethylene inner bag.

      2. Effective storage period: unopened state, 12 months at room temperature, 6 months after delivery. Used up within 30 days after unpacking.

      3. Storage conditions below 30 °C, ventilated and dry shades, 4 layers below the storage method.

      4. Transportation: In order to avoid the influence of direct sunlight, moisture and rainfall on this product, it should be transported by means of covering and other measures.



      Users must put into mass production after the experiment is approved, and strengthen the quality inspection to find problems in time.